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We provide professional web design services for clients throughout Basingstoke, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. From a simple brochure style website to custom built websites or a full eCommerce online shop, we will provide the solution that's right for your business. We can also provide hosting via our own high speed secure servers. We’re professional, friendly, and work closely with our clients to ensure a creative and appropriate solution for every project.

custom built websites

Custom built websites are our most popular product and suitable for businesses that do not want to subsequently maintain their own websites, or will have minimal information that frequently changes - let us manage your new website and do it all for you.

Businesses where information does not frequently change or for those not wanting to maintain their own websites.
  • Local services
  • Unique businesses
  • Static promotion
Custom built websites alow us total control over the design of your website and include the following benefits.
  • Affordability
  • No skill required
  • Design flexibility
Wordpress Websites

This type of website allows you to maintain, amend and alter your own website by logging into a password protected 'CMS' after we have built it. Also it can be used to maintain other facilities such as a job board, booking script, blog or similar function.

Businesses who's information frequently changes or who need to maintain other essentail website facilities in-house.
  • Frequent content changes
  • Frequent text changes
  • Slightly tech savvy users
A Wordpress website allows the user future control over the maintenance and funcionality of the website.
  • Ability to edit content
  • Maintain script functions
  • Change overall appearance
ecommerce websites

We design and build online shop Ecommerce websites that allow full self management of your online shop, putting you in control of your products, prices, stock management, sale notifications, discount promotion code features and much more.

Businesses that wish to sell products and accept payments with an easy to manage online shopping store.
  • Selling products
  • Accepting card payments
  • Maximising sales
Maximise your sales by selling products 24 hours a day 7 days a week, without actually being there.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Advanced features
  • Total control

how we build your website

We will design, build and develop your website to ensure the best success of promoting your business, services and products. All projects, whether big or small are treated with equal enthusiasm, creativity and interest.

analysis & pricing

Firstly, we will analyze your desired objective and initiate a plan to achieve your goal. We will then provide you a full documented breakdown that explains exactly what we will deliver to you and for what price. This process will include the technical & functional requirements required along with your branding and styling guidelines.

design & development

This is the main production phase where we will build the functionalities and design of your website. Once created, your website must pass through our quality assurance phase before you are finally presented with a fully working preview for your inspection. You will then be able to review your new website and let us know of any changes you would like to make.

testing & refining

After making any amendments you may have requested and approving the changes with you, we will review your website with our talented testing team. In these steps, we will test your website with different devices, browsers and conditions. This phase is essential for fixing any unforseen compatibility, design or development issues.

launch & grow

The final step is where we launch your website on our own servers or provide you with the necessary log-in details to take over from us. So whether you have opted to have us maintain your website or you are now going it alone, at this point, you are now officially live!

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some of our recent projects

Here is a small selection of some of our recent website projects. References from the businesses featured below are available on request.


We were tasked with building a multi-page responsive website to incorporate a non-conventional slanted page section design that reflected the desired feel of a horticultural services provider.

view project
Vybra Solutions

Headvibe were asked to build a multi-product Ecommerce website that was clean, clear and easy to use both for the customer and the client.

view project
D-Day Exhibition Centre

Headvibe were asked to build a simple website that was in keeping with the experience of the exhibition.

view project
White Light Coaching

Headvibe were asked to build a single-page responsive website to incorporate a bright, non-conventional side-scrolling desktop design, that also worked well on smaller devices.

view project
Ask Alice Anything

Our team were asked to build a multi-page secure website to incorporate a multi-functional private members area, easy to use back-end and customer subscription page.

view project

We were asked to build a multi-page responsive service driven website that reflected the desired look of professionalism and cleanliness.

view project

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Our mission is to provide innovative and practical website design services at affordable prices. We provide our website designer service to businesses in Basingstoke, Hampshire and throughout the UK. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount.

Contact us today for a quote on your new project, together we can make it work.


For website design Basingstoke and print design Basingstoke please contact us today for a quote on your new project, together we can make it work.

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