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Masterfully Carved Wood Sculpture of a Submerged Man with a Pixelated Glitch

  • by Headvibe
  • 03-05-2019


Taiwanese sculptor Hsu Tung Han is back with another incredible pixelated sculpture.

Manipulating wood into human forms, his works are contemporary masterpieces that are both soothing and puzzling. As is typical of his work, this new sculpture features strategic pixelated blocks emerging from the figurative statue, an old world technique meeting hints of new world technology.



Han’s newest work depicts a snorkeler, the pixelations mimicking the bubbling water that flows around the man as he breathes out of his snorkel. The idea of submerging into water is achieved through the figure’s hair, flowing upward and dissolving into nothing. Powerful, yet peaceful, the combining of natural elements like wood and water make for a dynamic pairing.


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