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You can find art and design wherever you look, whether it be purposeful, accidental, intelligent or just by chance. The beauty of pleasing design and intriguing artistic concepts can fuel the imagination and stimulate the senses.

  • Ministry of Design completes futuristic sports store in Singapore Airport

    • by Headvibe
    • 03-05-2019

      Architecture and interiors firm Ministry of Design has completed an immersive ultra-performance Durasport store within Singapore's recently completed Jewel Changi Airport Designed to resemble a futuristic research and development lab environment, the store is tailored to sports enthusiasts who want to try out sportswear and equipment in simulated environments before buying them. Singapore studio was invited to create the interior and graphics for the sports store, which is located within Jewel Changi Airport, designed by Safdie Architects. Called Durasport, the store is designed to attract ultra-performance athletes and sporting enthusiasts, which the architects said is "a growing but relatively untapped market segment". Adopting a three-stage retail strategy for the in-store experience – excite, immerse and convince – the store features four hands-on experiential zones. These zones allow cyclists, skiers, climbers and triathletes to sample and test the high performance sportswear and equipment before they purchase them, and is facilitated by five simulators. These include a ski simulator, an indoor climbing-wall with a rotating surface, a Magic Mirror that allows customers to virtually try on ski clothing, a swim bench for testing the flexibility of wetsuits, and cycling trainer rollers, which can simulate various slope gradients and cycling experiences. For the store's primary spatial material, the designers opted to use high-grade stainless steel, which has been used to create the shopfront, wall panels, logo signage and product displays. The studio said that the material is an intentional reference to the typical laboratory environment in which the store's high-performance products would have been developed. A customised flexible display-system made up of shelves, racks or holders that clip in and out of notched display walls and incorporate an integrated LED lighting system, allows the brand to showcase its varied merchandise. The facade is made up of a steel frame with a chevron pattern that is designed to point towards the central entrance, conveying a sense of motion, whilst the logo is based on the letter; X.     "We adopted an X symbol for the logo, to represent the catalyst at the beginning of any experiment, reminiscent of the two arrows coming together like an X at the store entrance," explained the designers. Products sold within the store were co-curated by Ministry Of Design and the client, and include the world's first graphene bicycle by UK company Dassi, the world's lightest folding bicycle by fellow UK company Hummingbird, and heat-mouldable customised cycling shoes by Italian brand DL Killer. For swimming enthusiasts, the store stocks wetsuits which minimise stretch-resistance and maximise flexibility by UK brand Zone3. For skiers there are adjustable alpine ski boots by Italian company Dynafit that provide flexibility for scaling uphill slopes and rigidity for downhill skiing, while swimmers can test out a modified snorkel or power breather by German brand Ameo, which enhances lap times.     Safdie Architects' Jewel Changi Airport also features an indoor forest that sits under a large glazed dome with the world's tallest indoor waterfall running through the middle. The glass bagel-shaped building is connected to the city's transport systems and directly to airport terminal one, as well as terminals two and three via pedestrian bridges. It has five stories above ground and five more below.

  • Masterfully Carved Wood Sculpture of a Submerged Man with a Pixelated Glitch

    • by Headvibe
    • 03-05-2019

      Taiwanese sculptor Hsu Tung Han is back with another incredible pixelated sculpture. Manipulating wood into human forms, his works are contemporary masterpieces that are both soothing and puzzling. As is typical of his work, this new sculpture features strategic pixelated blocks emerging from the figurative statue, an old world technique meeting hints of new world technology.     Han’s newest work depicts a snorkeler, the pixelations mimicking the bubbling water that flows around the man as he breathes out of his snorkel. The idea of submerging into water is achieved through the figure’s hair, flowing upward and dissolving into nothing. Powerful, yet peaceful, the combining of natural elements like wood and water make for a dynamic pairing.  

  • Artist Creates Giant Wood Sculptures in Copenhagen Forest

    • by Headvibe
    • 01-05-2019

      Artist Thomas Dambo used 600 pallets and other scavenged wood to install 6 giant wood sculptures in hidden spots around Copenhagen Over the last three years, Danish artist Thomas Dambo has been creating enormous sculptures from recycled materials. Most recently, he sprinkled six of his friendly giants around Copenhagen as a way to encourage people to visit the offbeat areas of his hometown. The giant sculptures are a group effort, with local volunteers helping Dambo assemble the works. Made from 600 wood pallets, a shed, and an old fence, the scavenged wood comes together to produce incredible hidden giants. Each is named after a volunteer and can be found using a map Dambo prepared or a poem engraved into stones near the sculptures. “It invites the viewers to go on a treasure hunt, not only to see the sculptures, but also to discover hidden gems in nature". Each piece interacts with the environment. For instance, Teddy Friendly, which was produced in conjunction with a local activation centre and provided work for four unemployed people, sits next to a lake. His arm extended, he actually helps people across the tiny stream that feeds into the river. Little Tilde, located in an area filled with nature and wildlife, also furnishes a home for the animals she idly watches. Dambo filled the sculpture with 28 bird houses, establishing this give and take.    

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